Penny Costilla

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Pathway to Your Inner Wisdom

Using visualization and meditation, I've explored the mystical and the mundane. I've opened doors and allowed Spirit to converse, counsel and sustain me. I've found a wealth of resources right inside that I can reach from the comfort of my easy chair by simply closing my eyes and going inward. Welcome to my web site.

Healing, knowledge, fun, and support are the gifts I have gained investigating my inner pathways and communing with Spirit. Through meditation, visualization, prayer and journaling, I have realized the potential and possibilities our inner depths have to offer. I've built a career around connecting with my inner world. Performing soul retrieval, shamanic ritual, and inner child retreats are a few of my pursuits. With a Masters in Counseling, I have a firm foundation for all my work. Through the years my work has become strongly spiritual. This web site will introduce my work and retreats.

My story is childhood abuse. Visualizing myself at various ages during recovery, I met and learned from little me's the true story of my youth. My inner children and I envisioned a valley where they could live, mend and eventually thrive. Over the years this interior home has evolved synchronous opportunities for my growth. Wrapped in recovery, I uncovered a magical internal universe full of grandfather wisdom, little girl fairies, grasshopper sayings, Goddess blessings and communications with my divine self.

All my experiences are neatly tied together in my writing. Being an avid recorder of my challenges and achievements, my journal contains my exploits in whatever reality. Procrastination, critical voice and weight issues have also found their way onto my page. These explorations will be part of my blog. My intention is to introduce or deepen my readers' knowledge of their interior world. I intend to share my inner journeys and adventures and expand our world view into the realm of Spirit.